DPF, FAP, particle filter – these are the concepts referring to the solid particulate filter. These filters are installed in newer diesel-powered vehicles manufactured around 2005-2006. DPF is an eco-system designed to contain solid particulate matter from combusted diesel fuel emitted with the exhaust gas. For this reason, the DPF is also known as a soot filter.

Each DPF filter has a limited lifetime and after a certain distance the filter starts to clog, as a result the vehicle computer initiates the regeneration process (self-cleaning of the filter), however, sooner or later the filter is fully clogged, the engine work is aggravated or turns into the emergency mode, the engine, the turbine, nozzles, etc. are at risk. The clogged DPF filter can be recognized from the reduced or missing vehicle thrust, increased exhaust emissions, frequent regeneration, and in extreme cases the car may not start or the engine may not start and not work at operating temperature. In such cases, it is necessary to deal with the problem immediately and urgently before the damage is increased.

There are several ways to resolve the problem of a clogged DPF: to replace, clean or eliminate the filter. The replacement is quite expensive (prices vary from several hundred to several thousand euros), and it should also be borne in mind that when the time comes the newly acquired DPF filter will wear out and require further investment. Filter cleaning sometime might be a good solution, but not in all cases In those cases, when cleaning can not help, we recommend to solve the problem for once and for all by simply eliminating the DPF filter from the vehicle exhaust system.

The DPF filter is programmed off and mechanically removed. Thus, the elimination work consists of two stages. Professionally eliminated DPF filter will never again be a headache, will not require investment, the engine performance will be smoother, the turbine will work better, and the fuel consumption is likely to decrease. Please note that the correct programming of the DPF filter should not make any changes to the vehicle engine performance; in rare cases minimum increase in emissions can be noticeable.

With specific knowledge, experience, relevant expertise and original equipment, the elimination of DPF is not an extremely complex matter. However, we recommend not to entrust this work to self-taught non-professionals lacking experience and knowledge as incorrectly performed work can have a decisive negative effect on the engine, the turbine, nozzles or other aggregates. When de-programming DPF, the computer program of the engine control unit of the vehicle is adjusted, and the incorrect adjustment and its consequences are described in more detail in the Chip tuning section. In addition to this, please be advised that since 2019 during the roadworthiness test it is already possible to determine whether the car has undergone eco-system programming. Unprofessional programming is guaranteed to interfere with the roadworthiness test.

Faced with deteriorating vehicle thrust, increased smoke and other symptoms, you are welcome to contact the Remapping Ireland team. We will appoint a visit at the time convenient to you, we will conduct a professional diagnosis, identify an exact failure, and recommend the best solution for you. When eliminating the DPF we use only the original, world-renowned equipment and individually design a program for your vehicle’s engine control unit computer, we have a professional knowledge, experience and expertise in programming, therefore we offer the highest quality and 100 percent professional DPF shutdown. You will forget the DPF problem for good and you will enjoy smoother car engine performance and sometimes the increased performance. We guarantee that after our services you will have no problems with the roadworthiness test.

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