EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) is another eco-engine system operating on the exhaust gas recirculation principle. Exhaust gases are reused, fuel combustion efficiency is increased and as a result the amount of harmful substances in the vehicle exhaust gases is reduced.

The EGR, similarly to the DPF filter, has a limited lifetime, and after a certain distance, the lack of oxygen in the combustible mixture causes the vehicle to die, jam and deteriorate. Poorly functioning EGR is exposed by a reduced car thrust, uneven engine performance, increased emissions and higher average fuel consumption. The symptoms may vary depending on the car model and the specifics of the EGR system contained therein. In occasional cases the EGR fault contributes to a more rapid blockage of the DPF filter, soot accumulates in the engine, intake valves, nozzles, spark plug, etc.

Faced with a failure of the EGR system, one has to decide whether to invest in a new EGR unit, whether clean it, or eliminate it from the whole system. Investing in a new EGR unit is a costly and temporary solution, as the EGR itself is a system of limited lifetime and is expected to fail again in the future. Cleaning is an instant solution and it is likely that the problem will resume soon. The most durable and most financially attractive solution in the long run would be to eliminate the EGR from the car system. Correctly and professionally conducted EGR shutdown will not adversely affect the engine performance and longevity, the engine will “breathe” directly in fresh air, will work smoother, and is more likely to become livelier. Please note that in some cases the EGR shutdown consists of two stages – mechanical and programming. It is important that both stages are performed professionally using original equipment and individual programs.

Faced with aforementioned car engine symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our team. It is highly likely that you have encountered with the EGR failure. We will appoint a visit at the time convenient to you, we will conduct a professional diagnosis, identify an exact failure, and recommend the best solution for you. When eliminating the EGR we use only the original, world-renowned equipment and individually design a program for your vehicle’s engine control unit computer, we have a professional knowledge, experience and expertise in programming, therefore we offer the highest quality and 100 percent professional EGR shutdown both mechanically and through programming. You will forget the EGR problem for good and you will enjoy smoother car engine performance.



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